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Founded in 1968, Biomol is a leading life science distributor in Germany.

For over 55 years, Biomol have been connecting researchers with innovative life science products to meet the needs of the German life science community. With a carefully curated portfolio of products from both their own product line and specialist supplier partners, Biomol have established long-term supply partnerships with a focus on immunology, cancer research, neuroscience, drug discovery, cell biology and forensic toxicology.

Germany is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets for life science and healthcare in Europe. With an area of over 360,000 km2 and less than 4% of the German population living in Germany’s biggest city (Berlin), this diverse and de-centralised market has been notoriously hard to penetrate. Biomol has extensive experience identifying, penetrating and working within the German life science market, serving thousands of German researchers each year at leading universities, hospitals, biotechs and pharma companies.

Biomol are renowned within the German life science community for their exceptional customer service, knowledgeable technical support, and their support of young scientists. Biomol’s team of 15 experienced multilingual professionals, including many with PhD or other scientific degrees, make Biomol the ideal partner for the fast and effective introduction of products into Germany.

As a member of Europa Biosite, Biomol offers a high performance gateway into the German life science market.


Biomol supply partner testimonials


Biomol GmbH offers excellent customer service and logistical support and we recommend our customers in Germany utilize the services provided by Biomol GmbH to avoid delays and ensure product quality for Cayman Chemical products.

AAT Bioquest

Biomol is one of the best distributors with which I have worked in my career. Biomol has always taken excellent care of our customers, and provide great technical and logistic support.