The reagent platform for Switzerland

Founded in 2004, LubioScience is Switzerland’s fastest-growing distributor of life science reagents.

With over 19 years’ experience, LubioScience is the preferred business solution partner of the Swiss Biotech Association, working with researchers within prestigious academia, pharma and biotechnology companies across Switzerland, including ETH Zurich, Roche and Novartis. As a trusted life science supplier, LubioScience is present on all major e-procurement platforms within Switzerland, reaching over 7,000 researchers from multiple sectors.

LubioScience is highly regarded among the life science market, present at all prominent trade shows and invited to exhibit within influential life science companies and universities. With an experienced, multi-lingual team, including a PhD-educated sales team, LubioScience holds a high level of technical competence, with a focus on creating positive customer relationships and offering excellent service. As an active distribution partner, LubioScience has a strong presence across a wide variety of marketing channels, launching new products effectively into the market and amplifying supplier brands.

Representing over 120 brands, LubioScience offers a broad product portfolio, covering all research areas and applications, with a dedicated business unit for custom services. LubioScience aims to develop strong collaborative relationships with its suppliers and as such, is responsible for the management of European and global supply centres for several suppliers.

As a member of Europa Biosite, LubioScience offers a high performance gateway into the Swiss life science market.

LubioScience supply partner testimonials

AAT Bioquest

Nearly two decades, LubioScience has proven to be a valuable partner in the journey of growth and success. We appreciate the close communication and trustful collaboration with LubioScience which have been the cornerstone of our successful partnership. Their coordinated efforts, including training sessions, key account solicitation, and technical follow-ups have consistently opened up fruitful opportunities for us. LubioScience has a highly educated team with excellent technical expertise and shows exceptional dedication and support in promoting our products and services in the Swiss market.
We look forward to many more year of this mutually beneficial partnership with LubioScience.

StressMarq Biosciences

It is a pleasure for me to write a testimonial for LubioScience, our distribution partner in Switzerland. This is a company that Stressmarq has been associated with from its very days of initiation approximately 15 years ago. Because Stressmarq was started and grown organically with a low level of start-up investment sales were initially low, something that was exacerbated by the confluence of the financial crisis in 2008. Despite these hurdles the two companies not only continued with excellent communications but supported each other throughout their individual growth phases. This led – ultimately – and in quite extraordinary fashion to the company becoming the most successful distributor for StressMarq outside of the North America in 2023. Given the market sizes of other counties in Europe and Asia, this is an exceptional situation that speaks to the professionalism, vision and dedication the company has shown to what was originally an entry-level partner. The customer relations and open communication with ourselves and the customers has led to a high level of trust based on the transparency of the discussions, well as the technical expertise involved. LubioScience has become the ideal partner for Stressmarq, helping to lead the company forward with both existing portfolio products as well as custom ones. We very much look forward to the company’s continued partnership with LubioScience and our part in that journey in future years.