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Our supplier promises

The Europa Biosite team boasts multilingual, scientific professionals located across Europe with deep local and cultural understanding. Armed with the knowledge of key researchers in every region, our locally based teams are on-the-ground and ready to provide locally adapted sales, marketing, technical and logistic solutions, tailored to each territory's unique needs. We are your in-person presence, so you don’t have to be.

Europa Biosite recognise the significance of your business and the importance of selecting the right distribution partner who can truly optimise your growth. With Europa Biosite, you gain the advantage of collaborating with six leading European distributors under a single partnership. With extensive expertise in all areas of the life science market and a team of highly skilled, commercial specialists, you will gain a high-performing, efficient partner in Europe, maximising your growth without the need for expensive and time consuming European set up.

As an active commercial partner, Europa Biosite pride ourselves on maintaining high standards and driving remarkable growth. Having successfully partnered with over 300 companies, we not only bring our expertise to the table but also serve as your dedicated eyes and ears in the market. Our extensive network of partnerships includes well-known, highly regarded brands, solidifying Europa Biosite’s position as a reliable and influential partner in the life science industry.

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Europa Biosite partners with life science suppliers who share our values on quality, innovation and service.

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