The life science marketplace

Founded in 1963, Szabo-Scandic is a leading life science distributor and service partner in Austria.

With over 60 years’ experience, Szabo-Scandic is highly regarded in the Austrian life science market. Renowned for product quality and exceptional service, Szabo-Scandic works to meet and exceed researchers' needs across academia, healthcare, pharma and biotechnology. As a preferred supplier, Szabo-Scandic is listed on major e-procurement systems, with a particular specialism in procuring products which are difficult to source within Europe.

Szabo-Scandic places strict requirements on their suppliers to ensure shared values of high standards, innovative technologies and excellent product quality are maintained. Szabo-Scandic looks to foster long-term, successful supply partnerships and aims to work with expert manufacturers who are at the forefront of innovation.

Szabo-Scandic's highly skilled, multi-lingual team pride themselves on their close, personal relationships with researchers across Austria and their ability to provide customised solutions and meet the most challenging requirements. With a strong focus on exceptional technical and customer support, Szabo-Scandic believes in giving back to the scientific community, which is evident in its active involvement in the Immunis Sponsorship for Young Science.

Szabo-Scandic supply partner testimonials


I have been working with the Szabo Team for more than 2 decades now and over the past 20 years I have been working always with the same team at Szabo-Scandic. Together, we have grown the business between 8-13 % YOY this was only possible because of the following: very strong knowledge of the life science market in Austria; highly technical and application skilled people, working closely together with our FAS team; a strong network and solid reputation; strong experience in capex sales; human resource allocation, dedicated team and high level of trust and respect.

Absolute Biotech

Szabo-Scandic has been a very valued distribution partner of Absolute Biotech and its brand Absolute Antibody in the Austrian market for a number of years. With their high-quality support and decades of experience in the Austrian life science marketplace, they have paved the way to raising brand awareness of our company, our catalogue of engineered recombinant antibodies, and our recombinant technology services. This has helped many customers within Austria benefit from the batch-to-batch reproducibility and engineering opportunities enabled by recombinant antibodies..

SantaCruz 450 x 300

Santa Cruz Biotechnology and Szabo-Scandic have had a longstanding collaborative relationship for several decades. Szabo-Scandic has provided excellent support to Santa Cruz Biotechnology customers in Austria supplying products in a timely manner and attending distributor meetings to keep up to date on product information. Their knowledge of Santa Cruz Biotechnology products and continuous product support, whether informational or technical use support, has been appreciated by their customers as well as by Santa Cruz Biotechnology.

Faster 450 x 300

FASTER is proud to claim that the relationship with SZABO is the longest one in his history, we work together for the development of FASTER business in Austria since more than 30 years. This is a history of mutual successes where we always did our best to meet customer’s requests and strengthen up/expand our presence in Austria and, as result, up to day there are now more than 1000 FASTER cabinets installed in the country. If sometimes we met difficulties, we always overcame them and this was possible not only because of strong relationship but also because of best friendship: SZABO has the same team since the beginning and this is an additional sign of the seriousness and reliability of this Company. We are very happy and have high expectations for the future thanks to the introduction of Europa Biosite!

R-Biopharm 450 x 300

The partnership with our long-term and valued distributor in Austria, Szabo-Scandic, is based on a common vision, we share similar values in terms of quality, integrity and customer satisfaction, which forms the basis for a strong and trusting cooperation. Szabo-Scandic has achieved impressive market penetration in Austria and has significantly expanded our molecular diagnostics business. One of our most notable experiences with Szabo-Scandic was their willingness for collaboration and innovation. Together we have developed new solutions that meet the changing needs of the molecular diagnostics market. Our partnership is characterized by mutual trust and a long-term perspective. Their dedication, expertise and passion for molecular diagnostics are admirable and together we have achieved significant milestones. Many thanks to the Szabo-Scandic team for their outstanding work and partnership. We look forward to many more years of joint success!