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Cayman Chemical is a leading global provider of high-quality products including biochemicals, assay kits, proteins, and antibodies for biomedical research. Cayman Chemical also offers contract services including bioanalytical, preclinical drug discovery, active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing, and analytical standard production. Their team of highly qualified scientists, coupled with their dedication to quality and accuracy, has established Cayman Chemical as a trusted company for researchers across academic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical organisations worldwide.

Cayman Chemical has maintained successful partnerships with all Europa Biosite's subsidiaries, spanning a combined total of more than 40 years.

The life science reagents market is highly competitive. Success in this market requires products which are significantly differentiated from the competition, a well-recognised brand and pre-established relationships within the local market. As highly regarded local distributors with excellent reputations and connections within the target market, the Europa Biosite subsidiaries were the ideal distribution partners of choice.

As preferred suppliers to key European research institutions, Europa Biosite's subsidiaries are well connected within the laboratory chemicals and assays markets, with access to a wide range of researchers through local and national e-procurement platforms.

Local sales, marketing and business development strategies, appropriate for the territory, were developed and delivered to drive growth for Cayman Chemical. These strategies included:

  • Dedicated business development managers in each territory responsible for the Cayman Chemical business
  • Connected researchers to the Cayman Chemical portfolio via local e-procurement platforms and webshops, enabling large-scale exposure into the target markets
  • Pro-active inclusion in local and national tenders relevant to key product ranges including fine chemicals and laboratory reagents
  • Focused sales approach by scientifically-trained, local sales teams, including in-person meetings and targeted calls
  • Multiple marketing channels utilised including local email marketing to well-characterised customer bases; search engine optimised (SEO) content marketing driving in-bound lead generation; attendance at relevant conferences and congresses establishing strong brand recognition
  • Understanding local import/export regulations for controlled substances and active engagement with national authorities, enabling access of controlled substances for forensic and toxicology applications into the markets
  • Collaborative group meeting with Cayman Chemical to align focus and strategy

Through close collaboration, Cayman Chemical and Europa Biosite subsidiaries have achieved exceptional growth, including:

  • 40 years (combined) successful supply partnership
  • Significant increase in Cayman Chemical European brand presence
  • Acting as largest distribution group partner for Cayman Chemical

"Cayman Chemical has had very successful, long-standing partnerships with the individual companies within Europa Biosite Group. Their dedication to our products and company have helped drive our growth in Europe. We look forward to further building upon this success through a unified strategic partnership under the Europa Biosite Group which will help us bring even more of our products and services to current and new customers."
Sebastian Buchert, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Cayman Chemical

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