Nordic Biosite

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Headquartered in Sweden, Nordic Biosite was founded in 1997 to distribute high quality and innovative products within Life Science research. Given our great experience and knowledge, our sales and technical support teams have the scientific and laboratory experience needed to provide high quality support to our customers worldwide, regardless of research discipline. Nordic Biosite is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

With over 26 years of sales and market experience, Nordic Biosite covers the Nordic regions including Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. We are also represented in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Iceland. Nordic Biosite is a multinational company that handles 8 countries, 8 languages and 5 currencies.

Our portfolio, including 5 million products, represents top quality manufacturers and suppliers. With high business focus we value long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers. Our large product portfolio together with our local presence gives us advantage to successfully attend Tenders in our territories.

Nordic Biosite has highly valued customers include Universities, Hospital and Life Science companies. Given our close contact with partners and customers, we can continuously grow and adapt our product range and thereby meet evolving research trends and customer needs.

We stand By Your Side In Life Science Research

Nordic Biosite supply partner testimonials

Zymo Research

Nordic Biosite is our distributing partner for the Nordic countries since 2014 and represents a perfect match for our values and strategy. We appreciate the professional and efficient collaboration and look forward to many more success stories with Nordic Biosite.


It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Nordic Biosite on co-branding and co-marketing campaigns. Nordic Biosite is active and engaged in the marketing and promotion of our products, especially in the areas of social media presence and Search Engine Optimization. Nordic Biosite has become a valued distribution partner for Streck. Many of their teams and departments are similar to Streck’s structure, with dedicated personnel for Sales, Technical Support, Customer Service, Marketing, and more. This is important to assure aligned support and streamlined communication for our customers. We look forward to continuing this partnership and these initiatives in the future.

Atlas Antibodies

Working with the Europa Biosite means that you work with distributors that have expert knowledge of their local markets. When we decided to open the distributor channel in our local market Nordic Biosite was the obvious choice for us. With a strong marketing and launch plan they have delivered double digit growth for us this year.

BPS Bioscience

It is a pleasure for BPS Bioscience to work with Nordic Biosite. Nordic Biosite sets a high standard for all distribution partners, providing exceptional support and working closely with our teams in order to promote our products and brand in their covered territories. There is a peace of mind that comes with working with Nordic Biosite to support our customers as we know they not only have the technical background to support local customers in real time, but also robust marketing and logistical teams to continue to grow our business in their covered territories.