Cambridge Bioscience

The better choice for life science researchers

Founded in 1983, Cambridge Bioscience is the UK’s leading specialist life science distributor.

With over 40 years’ experience, Cambridge Bioscience works with life science researchers across the UK and Ireland at world leading academic organisations, including the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University College London and Trinity College Dublin, alongside many organisations within the UK’s vibrant pharma and biotech sectors. As a preferred supplier to numerous major life science research organisations, Cambridge Bioscience have been awarded many significant tenders, with their products listed on over 40 e-procurement systems.

Cambridge Bioscience have an excellent reputation within the UK and Ireland scientific community, built on their proven track record of introducing groundbreaking research products into the market, developed by pioneering, innovation-led companies from around the globe. With an experienced team of over 30 professionals, Cambridge Bioscience launch new products quickly and effectively, showcasing suppliers’ products through active marketing channels and a knowledgeable sales team. Areas of expertise include reagents, biospecimens and small, specialist lab instruments.

Cambridge Bioscience works with suppliers who share their values on quality, technical support and customer care, and can offer high-quality products and services that will contribute to researcher’s future discoveries. Cambridge Bioscience aims to develop long-term, high-growth partnerships with their suppliers by being active and transparent with a focus on close collaboration. With a supplier NPS of 73 (2022), it is evident that Cambridge Bioscience is highly regarded by their suppliers.

As a member of Europa Biosite, Cambridge Bioscience offers a high performance gateway into the UK and Ireland life science market.

Cambridge Bioscience supply partner testimonials

Cayman Chemical

Cayman Chemical has been working with Cambridge Bioscience for over a decade. Their commitment to our customers and Cayman has made the relationship increasingly successful year over year. Cayman seeks out partners that understand the importance of the entire customer experience, with both digital and human interfaces. Cambridge fully understands this dynamic while also having a firm grasp of cutting-edge research, markets, and sales channels which uniquely positions them to meet the needs of our customers.

Hycult Biotech

We have been working with Cambridge Bioscience for over 20 years, and we still keep growing in the business together. For us, the UK market is a valuable market for pioneering our business with our new ideas. They have a highly knowledgeable technical team that is well balanced between application specialists and region specific salespeople. It is easy to get in direct contact with end-user, where sometimes distributors can be reluctant to share. This gives incredible market insights as well as a real chance to connect with customers and solve issues if there are any. Moreover, this synergy is paying off well, in terms of cross selling and tailored solutions for customers.


We truly appreciate the work and support offered by the team at Cambridge Bioscience. They recently launched a well-coordinated campaign to engage researchers within the biotherapeutic viral vector manufacturing space to support our VirusGen® SELECT and GMP Transfection Kits for AAV and LV production. This activity included training with their representatives, solicitation of key accounts and in-depth technical follow-up and support to create and nurture the right opportunities.