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Research Donors is a fast-growing supplier of human blood products to prominent industrial, biotech and pharma research organisations. Research Donors collects and processes blood samples from volunteer donors which are used in research for the development of new medicines and diagnostic tests.

Research Donors has an exclusive UK distribution partnership with Cambridge Bioscience since its foundation in 2018. This exclusive relationship was extended to all Europa Biosite subsidiaries in their respective territories in 2022.

Research Donors was founded with the aim of becoming a leading international supplier of human biospecimens for research and clinical applications. Entering this market was challenging due to competition with established biospecimen providers, and there was a need to build relationships with researchers where trust, reputation and long-term commitment play a significant role.

As a newcomer to the market, Research Donors lacked an established brand presence or connections to their target market, prompting the supply partnership with Cambridge Bioscience.

Cambridge Bioscience is highly regarded in the UK life science market, with pre-existing connections to Research Donors’ target audience. Cambridge Bioscience developed and delivered a comprehensive sales, marketing and business development strategy to launch Research Donors and drive continued high performing growth. This included the following;

  • A dedicated business development manager exclusively responsible for Research Donors was assigned
  • A focused sales approach with large scale lead generation, targeted calls and in-person visits
  • Multiple marketing channels utilised including email marketing to an extensive, well characterised database (20,000+ contacts); search engine optimised (SEO) content marketing driving in-bound lead generation; attendance at prominent conferences and congresses establishing brand recognition; active engagement with over 11,000 (2023) social media followers
  • Highly trained technical support team offering specialised support to new and current customers

Through close collaboration over the last 5 years, Research Donors and Cambridge Bioscience have achieved exceptional growth including:

  • ≥90% CAGR / year (2018 – 2023)
  • >100 quotations generated / month (2023)
  • >250 active, positive customer relationships established in the UK market (2023)

"We have used Cambridge Bioscience for nearly over a year now, purchasing frozen, fresh PBMCs, and whole blood samples. Service is fantastic, and prices are reasonable. You will have a dedicated person dealing with your order, from placing of order to delivery. I thoroughly recommend!"
Clinical Application Specialist, Miltenyi Biotech, UK

“Cambridge Bioscience were thorough in asking the appropriate questions and checking their understanding of specific handling instructions that were required for the collection. Their communication was always prompt and my questions were answered without delay. The collection by Research Donors was on time and the samples were delivered the following day, as requested. The sample aliquots were logically arranged for ease of use and all required information was provided with the delivery”.
Diagnostic Tests Development Company, UK

"I have found Vashu and team to offer the most excellent fresh blood service; they are very helpful and highly responsive. They provided exactly what we needed, on time and to specification. Perhaps most importantly, they did what they said they would do and maintained fabulous communication throughout the ordering process. I would certainly recommend the fresh blood service to others."
Complement Genomics, UK


The exceptional growth seen in the UK is now being accelerated across Europe through the active collaboration of Research Donors with all Europa Biosite subsidiaries. European strategies include:

  • A Research Donors dedicated Europa Biosite commercial team has been created 
  • A Research Donors product expert assigned to support all Europa Biosite teams
  • Trained sales, technical and customer specialists available in all territories
  • European accounts targeted with in-person sales visits
  • Unified sales and marketing campaigns

Europa Biosite’s high level of collaboration and commercial effort will continue to drive growth for Research Donors and assist them in achieving their goal of becoming a leading international supplier of human biospecimens for research and clinical applications.

“Our collaboration with Cambridge Bioscience and now with the wider Europa Biosite has been critical to the growth and development of Research Donors. Without their deep knowledge of the life science research market and their skilled approach to commercialising our complex product offering, our growth could not have reached the levels we have managed to achieve and sustain.”
James Reed, Managing Director, Research Donors

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